We felt it important to provide some facts to the pubic as inaccurate and incomplete information is being circulated:

The property has been for sale for many years without it being purchased until now.

The home is not a designated heritage home. 

Kingsville is a growing community with expected population growth of approximately 450 people per year.  Development must occur to provide the required housing.

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Alternative housing is being provided which will be offered at several different price points with the goal of appealing to a wider group of buyers.


Due to construction costs, multi residential can be offered at a lower price point then single-family homes. 


Units will be offered for sale or lease which will increase the small supply of available rentals and also appeal to a wider group requiring housing.


The development has only one dwelling abutting it, to the west – 171 Main Street East (Lemire Residence). 


  • 171 Main Street East is approximately 45’ from the side yard property line, proving a large buffer;

  • A large dense landscaped buffer runs along the property line providing privacy;

  • The side yard setback has been maximized to provide the largest buffer possible;

  • Vehicle traffic and parking has been kept on the opposite side of the development; 

  • The Townhomes in the front are three story’s matching the height of the house at 171 Main Street East.

  • The proposed development does not block nor overshadow 171 Main Street East.


The development will blend into the current landscape. The townhomes in the front along Main Street East will shield the larger building in the rear of the development. 

The development exceeds the required 30% landscaped space - 40%+ is being provided.

The development will have minimal impact to the current municipal services and will have a minimal ongoing operating cost to the town.

An expected $200,000 in development charges/permits will be paid to the Town of Kingsville.


Current property taxes - $3,800 per year

Expected property taxes increasing over 3,800% or 40x to $150,000 year

$10,000,000+ will be invested in the local economy.


All required reports and studies will be completed to the satisfaction of the Town of Kingsville.

Development outside of the core requires additional vehicle traffic travel into the core for services and amenities.  Development in the core will allow and encourage other means of transportation – walking, biking and public transportation.


This proposed development supports the healthy communities initiatives of the Province of Ontario and the Town of Kingsville as it encourages walking and biking.


Intensification of residential in the core as well other things as part of our development are outlined in the Official Plans and Provincial Policy Statement.


The Official Plans and the Provincial Policy Statement are to be used to guide planning decisions:

  • This proposed development is consistent with the Town of Kingsville’s Official Plan;

  • This proposed development is consistent with the County of Essex’s Official Plan;

  • This proposed development is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement.


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