183 Main Street East, Kingsville, Ontario - Proposed Residential Apartment Development 

In today's social media age, inaccurate or partial information is easily spread.  In an attempt to provide as much accurate information as possible to the residents of Kingsville, we have made the decision to launch this page.  We encourage you to read all of the reports and supporting documents.  

We are proposing to construct two apartment buildings each with four floors (revised proposal). 

The buildings will offer amenities such a gym, a party room and bike storage.  The grounds will be beautifully landscaped.


To the east and south of the proposed development is land which is currently vacant.  To the west is 171 Main Street East being the Bon Jasperson Home, a Designated Historical Home.  Due to this property being adjacent to the proposed development, a Heritage Impact Statement/Report was required.  This report concluded that the proposed development will not have an negative effect on the heritage resources of the Bon Jasperson house.  Two of the key reasons for this conclusion are that most of the designated elements of the Bon Jasperson Home are interior elements and that proposed development and home are separated by approximately 60'.  The full report can be found below. 

Summary of key events:

A Zoning By Law Amendment has been applied for to make a change from R1.1 to R4.1.

On November 19th, our proposal for a six storey unit condo building with six townhomes was presented to Town of Kingsville Planning Advisory Committee.

During this meeting, we took note of several key comments and have adjusted our proposal accordingly: 

1. Modern look that did not fit with Kingsville - The design has been changed to a Victorian Style.

2. Six floors was too high - This has been reduced to four.

3. Rentals are needed - Units will be offered as rentals.


4. Affordability - With the decrease to four floors, wood construction can be now utilized which will drastically reduce costs.   

Our revised proposal will be going back to the Planning Advisory Committee on March 17, 2020.  PAC will in turn provide a recommendation to Council and Council will formally vote on the Zoning By Law Amendment Application sometime thereafter.  

Below you will find a summary of facts as well as available documents and reports.

Heading 4

Heading 4